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"Ohhhh fuck!"

All you’d wanted was to be able to see better.  You couldn’t afford expensive eye surgery, you hated contact lenses and you were sick of looking like a dork.  The illegal research you hacked from the college campus computers seemed to suggest that the Elixir would cure you of all your physical deformities and make you physically superior.  You didn’t bother to check the research properly, you were so desperate for a quick solution.

So you made the pink liquid with the help of your room mate and drank it in front of him.  At first nothing happened, then suddenly you were overcome by waves of pleasure. You fell to the floor moaning and gasping, struggling out of your clothes as your bones cracked and your skin shifted. In a matter of moments you went from a six foot tall boy into  a five foot four blonde sex pot.  You soon realised how good it felt being a girl and it didn’t take long to assume a new identity as Cassie.  

You took more and more Elixir and soon the effects were permanent. You’d become a hot, sexy girl and you loved your new life.  Before long you were fucking your room-mate regularly and had become his slutty, high maintenance girl-friend.  Life didn’t get much better than this…

There was only one thing that still annoyed you. 

"Oooooh fuck, I can’t believe my eye-sight is still, oooooh bad.  At least I look cute in glasses now, mmmmmh.  Don’t stop baby."



"One, two, ooooooh, three, four, fiiiiveeee, ahhhhhh shit, I mean six, seven, eight, niiiiiiine, teeeeeen, ohhhh GOD I’M CUMMING!"

Back when Nick had been captain of the football team, he’d always believed in warming up before a big game.  Since finding the magic dildo in his locker, Nick believed in exactly the same principal, only now his warm ups were slightly different.  He never did get to the bottom of which of his jealous team mates decided to get rid of him in such an inventive way, but he no longer really cared. He loved what he’d become.

Still… he remembered the disgust he’d felt at the obvious prank when he first found the dildo in his locker. He’d reached inside to remove the gigantic transparent rubber dong and throw it away, but as his hands closed around the girth of the shaft, a tingle had run through him and he came into his pants with the greatest orgasm of his life.  Sticky and embarrassed he’d thrown the dildo into his kit bag and gone home.

That night he couldn’t stop thinking about the sex toy and pretty soon he was inside his bag grabbing it in the hopes of another mind blowing orgasm. Only this time nothing happened… until he rubbed it against his face.  Then he found he had to put it into his mouth to get the reaction he wanted, then finally down his throat till he nearly gagged on it.

It wasn’t till he’d given the dildo oral sex for nearly an hour that he noticed the changes.  He was smaller, his nails and hair were longer and to his horror his dick was tiny.  It had been getting smaller with every orgasm.  Looking at himself in the mirror, Nick saw a cute hermaphrodite half way between man-dom and sexy girlhood.  And the urge to use the dildo was growing stronger.  Only now when he put it in his mouth it felt nice, but didn’t give him the orgasm he needed.

Exploring his body with the big cock, he shivered as he neared his asshole and felt his body start to throb.  With a groan he pushed the saliva lubricated shaft into his tight bottom and bit the sheets as he squealed and moaned in lust.  His hair turned blonde and his skin tanned, his body hair retracting as he fucked himself with French tipped nails and grew smaller and smaller.

Soon ‘Nikki’ was happily dildoing her ass and when she discovered she could use the big sucker on the end of the dildo to attach it to a wall she began thrusting against it.  After an hour of butt-sex, Nikki realised something amazing.  For the last few go’s she’d been rubbing her front… rubbing her wet and dripping pussy.  She was a full girl now.

The last vestiges of Nick’s maledom soon fled as the horny new girl stuck the dildo to the floor and bounced her tight teen pussy up and down on the massive shaft.  As Nikki orgasmed and moaned like a slut, her skin finished tanning and piercings appeared in her belly and ears. A tramp stamp swirled into being on her lower back and she giggled as she rolled over sticky, wet and still horny.

"Ooooh, I’m a nasty slutty girl now and I love it! I can’t wait to get back into school tomorrow and begin my new life."

Now Nikki has established a new role for herself at school.  She’s the dirty slut that all the boys want and her favourite job is rewarding the entire football team when they’ve been working hard at playing a game.  In a few minutes they’ll come in to the mens changing rooms and Nikki will be nicely warmed up for them.  

"Mmmmh come on boys, I’ve worked out my ass, pussy and mouth… now it’s your turn to fill them instead of my magic dildo…"




A Lesson from Her Roommate

Lani got tired of hearing her roommate’s boyfriend bragging about how big his dick was, so she waited until roomie went to work, then cajoled him into a little competition. 

“The one whose is biggest gets to fuck the other—deal?”

He laughed as he shook her hand. He’d always wanted to fuck that stuck-up bitch good and now was his chance!

He grinned like a fool until he saw the size of her strapon, then his face went white.

“I win, sucker! Get against the wall!”

“What? Lani, come on! This was just a big joke, right?”

“No, it wasn’t. Get against the wall, slut! And pull down your pants.”

He was too shocked to resist. What the hell was happening? Her knowing hand on his cock was distracting him, her soft words in his ear were making him breath faster.

“You want it, little boy, I know you do. You want me to fuck your cute ass until you scream and cum in my hand!”

“No-no—I don’t! Stop it, please! Please—”

She grabbed his jaw, making him face her, and kissed him hard, her tongue ravishing him, her cock sliding against his virgin ass, so wickedly.

They both knew he could push her off him easily, but for some reason, he didn’t. He didn’t budge from his place when she lubed her finger and penetrated him, licking his ear. “Tell me you like it!” she hissed. When he complied, Lani rewarded him with another finger, and another, his wanton ass opening to her terrible demands, his hips wriggling, pushing back at her.

“What do you want, little fucktoy? Tell me!” she whispered in his ear as she stroked his hard, hard cock and aching balls.

“I-I-want you to—to put it in…” he spat, the words wrung from his unwilling mouth. 

“No, slut!” she sneered as she spanked his ass hard. “Use your big boy words. What do you need, little fucktoy?”

“I need you to fuck my ass, please, miss!” he rasped, the moan at the end of his admission making her clit tingle divinely.

“Then get ready, little boy—here it comes!”

He felt the cold squirt of lube and was thankful. As Lani placed the tip of her black cock against him, he sighed, his submission complete. He bit his lip and closed his eyes, feeling the hard head opening him so slowly. She pushed in a bit then pulled back, each push eliciting a whimper, encouraging her to slide in another centimeter. She loved watching it disappear into his ass.

He was sweating hard, trying to ease the pain as the head of her cock pushed inside him. He felt like was was being split open. She leaned against him, stroking his cock gently. “Take it like a the good slut you are. Breath deeply and relax. Open up for me, baby. I want to fuck you so nice!”

He was ashamed at how his body listened to her words, feeling his sphincter opening to her assault as he gasped in painful pleasure. “Jesus Christ!” he moaned as she pushed deeper and deeper into him, slowly, watching all the confusing emotions cross his face. His dripping cock told her what she needed to know.

“You’re ready for it, aren’t you? You need a good fucking, don’t you?” Her hips were moving faster now, as was her hand, and he was lost in a haze of surrender.

“Yes, miss! Please! Please fuck me hard!”

“Are you my good boy?” she hissed in his ear, her cock violating him so deliciously.

“Oh, god! Yes! Yes, I am your good boy!” He was so close—he was going to—

“Then don’t cum until I say so!”

She was plowing into him now, both hands on his hips for leverage, and he prayed he could hold out. It felt incredible being taken like this! By a girl! Fuck!

“Who’s cock is bigger, little boy? Tell me!” 

“Yours, miss! Yours! Please, please! Please may I cum?” He was crying harder now, face red, eyes glazed with lust. Such a beautiful sight.

“Who’s cock makes you cum?”

“Yours! Your cock, Lani! Oh god—”

“Then CUM on it, bitch!” she growled in his ear as she slammed her cock home deep inside him, her hard thrusts, his scream, his cock exploding in his hand, bringing her over the edge too.

As their breathing slowed, their bodies so hot next to one another, she grabbed his hand and hugged him from behind.

“Did you like your birthday present, baby?” she giggled in his ear.

“Best present so far, my dear. But don’t tell my girlfriend!” he laughed…

Holy hell that was sooo fucking hott!!!  I have to go change my panties!!

Perfect Pic!

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Away from Chastity (M2F)

Its not easy for holy men being immune to temptations. Oh, yes the flesh temptations in particular. I was a virgin, good and shy clergy man, and i’ve always did my best to resist them, but in my mind has always echoed the thought learned at seminary school about the possibility of being a sinner without losing pureness and chastity.

I’ve heard about the Elixer and what it did to people, and it sounded perfect to me. I would experience the world of sin and sex without losing my innocence. I drank it eagerly and soon the fire of lust run into my veins.        I moaned and writhed in heat as my body shranked into a sheer concentrate of sexiness, slutness, getting feminine, sultry, flaunt.

"MMMh I think i’ll call myself Chastity." She laughed. "Forgive me, Father cos’ i will sin." she coed already beginning to fondle herself. And this was only the main starter. Chastity went out and fucked boys, blowjobbed men without any reservation, and before dawn she even had a lesbian esperience.

When i returned myself, i was shocked and frightened. Chastity was pure hell to me, so i run toward the altar trying to pray, asking forgiveness, but once the nasty memories has surfaced, i grew arousal. “MMMH noo..please, i won’t change again…i…mmmh OOhh…will keep my chastity…mmmh….OOOH WHATS THE FUCK I HAPPENING!! NO_ NOT THAT CHASTITY, my Chastity, NOOOO!”

Yes indeed. The Elixer i’ve drank was a kind of a new batch. It didn’t need to drink a second dose but it was simply dormant in my bloodstream. It only took to have an arousal to change into Chastity again. I’m cursed, i can’t can’t even thinking to her that she stirs outside, right now, i’m feeling my temperature spiking, my hand sliding under my clergy uniform, strocking my dwindling cock, feeling her…. trasforming and… getting fucked by everyone. YESSSSS!

Believe me, its not easy to stay away from Chastity, neither for holy men…

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